Asset Manager

Asset Manager is Track- a software application that allows you to monitor, manage and track all your assets easily and in one place - your smartphone. 

The Application covers all items and asset types, like tracked assets, untracked assets, vehicles, trailers, trucks and even livestock. Whatever the asset, simply select and add the asset into the list and save the attributes.

ASSET MANAGER for Track-a Solar Trailer & Container


- Trailer and container live tracking with a click of a button - dot on the map
- 3rd party hardware can be integrated via API (i.e temperature sensors) 
- Fitment management 
- Warranty and service indication by time or km
- Group company and branch asset management in one application 
- OEM portal and warranty facility 
- Geofences 

BENEFITS to our customer:

- Utilization (% of traveling vs stopping)
- Usage by location and by the time of day
- One place to manage all assets - tracked and non-tracked
- Upload images
- Asset specific information (i.e Trailer GVM, quantity of TARE)
- Integrates with a range of IoT tracking devices
- Option to integrate and develop customized solutions for your business and your customers