How to Track My Vehicle?

Tracking can be done in two ways:

- Track-a Locate is an emergency location product, which can be used only in an emergency situation by contacting our tactical response team on the following number 1300 TRACKA (1300 872252)

- Track-a Enhanced / Enhanced Owner customers you are able to download the phone application and login using the credentials that were emailed to you upon registering.

Where can I download the App?

You can download the app on this page.

What do I need to do if my Vehicle is stolen?

1. Make sure your car has really been stolen.

2. Call the Police on 000 and report your car stolen.

- Make sure to file a written report and get a copy of it.

- Inform your Police Officer that your Car has a tracking unit in it that provides a location device.

- Inform the Police of your vehicles current position for recovery from your Track-a mobile application.

- Obtain a copy or photo of the written report and the case number.

- Obtain the Law enforcement officers Name and Contact number.

- Call your Car Insurance provider and report your car stolen.

3. Email a copy of your police report to; support@track-a.com.

4. Call the track-a support on; 1300872252, and report your car stolen.

The Track-a Recovery specialist will ask for your verification code for added security and will start working with local law enforcement to locate your car.

* Please note that all law enforcement agencies have different policies on how to proceed with theft and recovery operations.

It is mandatory that the theft is reported to your local law enforcement agency first, as in most cases, we will be communicating the car's position to the local law enforcement despatch department. Should you require the assistance of Security Specialists Track-a will provide you with a voucher to the value of $150.00 to cover the first hour's support assistance.